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You'll be amazed at how much fun making batik is!
Discover how to batik even if you've never done it before.

Batik Workshop

Our workshops are not only fun...
You'll also:

  • Learn about the deep Javanese philosophy behind some of the batik patterns.
  • Gain a greater appreciation of our mission to not only preserve these ancient traditions, but to make sure this rich cultural heritage continues for generations to come.

The short workshop makes it easy to create a simple batik on cotton in only two hours using the canting, cap or both.

Longer classes let you add more layers of wax and more colors. Our workshops do not teach theory. They will spark your interest and give you direct, hands-on experience of making a batik.

Group Size:

1 100! That's right. We can accommodate single participants all the way up to groups of 100 people.

Who Can Participate?

Batik Workshop

We love sharing these techniques with kids in playgroups, school children of all ages, foreign exchange students, club members from various groups, even customers who just stop by the showroom.

In short, anyone can give this a try.


We're very flexible and can work around your schedule for individuals or groups. Groups of more than 5 participants must contact us in advance. Still, according to the size of your group and our schedule, you might call in the morning and set up a class for that afternoon or the next day. Of course the more notice you can give us, the better. Hours are from 9 am 2 pm

What's Included?

2-3 Hour Short Course:

Have fun discovering how to draw with hot wax on cotton using a canting, cap or both, with one dye color. After boiling out the wax, you'll have a great souvenir of your stay in Jogja.


The base price is Rp. 50.000,- for cotton size 38cm x 38cm, (1) one colour.

2-Day Course

For a batik in 2 colours, you'll need 2-3 hours a day on 2 separate days; or 3-4 hours in (1) one day.


Base cost for the 1-2 days course is Rp. 75.000,- for size 38cm x 38cm.

Cost is depending on size and type of the cloth and number of colours.

  • Size: 55cm x 55cm or 28cm x 115cm
  • Colour: 1 (one)
  • Cost: Rp. 100.000,-
  • Time: 2-3 hours

4-6 Day Course

If you are visiting for awhile, are a foreign exchange student or student group from out of town, why not take our longer course? You'll be able to complete several pieces and have a greater understanding of the waxing and dyeing process.


This depends on size and type of cloth, and number of colors. Ask for details when you sign up.

Sign up for a Batik Workshop here.

Batik Workshop
Batik Workshop
Batik Workshop

Here's just a few comments from our participants.

"Very well done workshop event, from it we are more appreciative of batik, since it is difficult.
Hilmi Nur'aini (D3 Pariwisata UI) "

"This workshop event is really good. We were able to get to know about the whole process of making a batik. Hopefully batik culture can be maintained.
Khairunissa (D3 Pariwisata UI) "

"Interesting Workshop because we tried to make the batik on our own. I hope this workshop will continue to be developed and create new activities.
Kristina R (D3 Pariwisata UI) "

"I am very impressed with the existence of this workshop, because this is my first time to know and learn about batik directly, and practice to make batik.
Rizki Adi Putra (D3 Pariwisata UI) "

"Fun, we were able to know that to make a batik is not that easy. Because of this workshop, I have a certain satisfaction when I make batik. Onward Indonesian batik!
Astri Nasthasia (D3 Pariwisata UI) "

"This workshop is very interesting and we, as the younger generation, should be able to develop our traditional culture of our own country. Hopefully it will be more and more successful.
Nisa Sakina (D3 Pariwisata UI "

"I would like to thank to the instructor and Ibu Winotosastro. I feel that the Indonesian batik is batik of the highest quality in the entire world.
Muhammad Hilmi (D3 Pariwisata UI) "

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