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Books About Traditional Batik

You may find the following books on traditional Indonesian batik fabric useful in understanding more about this rich cultural art form.

These and many others on contemporary approaches to batik are available on

  • Batik: 75 Selected Masterpieces: The Rudolf G. Smend Collection,

    Isa Fleischmann-Heck, Maria Wronska-Friend, Donald J. Harper, Rudolh G. Smend, Tuttle Publishing, (Periplus Editions), VT and Singapore, 2006
  • Batik Design,

    Pepin van Roojen, Pepin Press, 2004
  • Batik: Design, Style, & History,

    Fiona Kerlogue, Thames & Hudson, 2004
  • Batik: Fabled Cloth of Java,

    Inge McCabe Elliot, Brain Brake, Periplus Editions, Singapore, 2004 *(1984 edition used in reference under What is Batik)
  • Batik: From the Courts of Java and Sumatra,

    Rudolf G. Smend, Brigitte Khan Majlis, Harmen C. Veldhuisen, Leo Haks, Periplus Editions, Singapore, 2000, 2004
  • Batik Patterns,

    Pepin Press, Agile Rabbit Editions,1999
  • Traditional & Modern Batik,

    Miep Spe, Kangaroo Press, 1982 *(referenced in What is Batik section)

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