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Batik Winotosastro

Jl.Tirtodipuran 54
Yogyakarta 55143
Tel: +62(0)274.375.218
Fax: +62(0)274.372.133

Special order any Yogyakarta batik
to suit your own taste

Come in or call to special order the particular size, batik motif and colors of your choice for garments, batik fabric or home accessories:

  • Weddings
  • Uniforms for offices, schools or clubs
  • Matching home accessories like tablecloths, curtains and pillow covers
  • Men's long sleeved shirts or Batik kain panjang for formal occasions
  • Any garment you see in our showroom can be ordered in your choice of size and color combination
  • Custom designs, with your logo for example
  • No Minimum Order we accept all requests large or small
  • No Extra Costs for special orders
  • Free Shipping to locations in Java
  • Shipping costs outside Java and around the world depend on size of order
  • It can take between 1-2 weeks and up to 6 months depending on size and complexity of the order

Private Collectors, Textile & Ethnographic Museum Curators and Collectors

Special order any Yogyakarta batik motif directly from us. If you would like to add a valuable hand made batik to your collection, we work from photographs, images in books, actual batik samples, even your own ideas. Please realize every batik region is unique and we specialize in Yogyakarta batik patterns.

We have years of experience satisfying the needs of our loyal customers right here in Indonesia and in foreign countries scattered all over the world.

Stop by, call us at +62(0)274.357.218 or email us at batik[at] .

Our staff will be happy to assist you in placing your order.

Remember, when you order from Batik Winotosastro,
you are guaranteed a 100% hand waxed batik using
the traditional canting and/or cap tools.
No screen-printing of any kind.

Now find out more about the story behind Batik Winotosastro.