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Traditional Indonesian Batik Fabric...

You will only find traditional hand waxed batik at
Batik Winotosastro. We are committed to preserving
our cultural heritage, not as in a museum, but as a living art form. Not only the patterns themselves, but the actual process
of waxing and dyeing the cloth by hand.

Batik Winotosastro is honored to be a part of an ancient history
as 5th generation traditional batik makers
in the royal court city of Yogyakarta..

Nowadays, technology makes it possible to machine silkscreen a batik motif onto cloth. And while these do keep the patterns in the public eye, to us they are missing an essential ingredient their soul. The soul of the maker's hands transferred into the cloth through the long process of creation.

Indonesian batik fabric, especially for a Javanese, is an inherent part of our lives, our culture and our heritage. If we fail to pass on this knowledge of the process itself, there will come a time when it will be too late to call it back.

Private batik collectors museum curators and collectors Indonesian and foreign tourists and the many friends we've met over the years through extensive exhibitions around the world have all found their way to our showroom in Yogyakarta.

We welcome you as we've welcomed each of them.

Please step inside our website and discover these intricate traditional batik fabrics from Yogyakarta.

You'll hear stories of the symbols in the patterns, see the batik process, discover how you can make a batik yourself in a workshop, or special order patterns and colors of your choice.

Let's get started with What is Batik.